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Examples of early American art. The first main group was the Puritans who landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620 AD. An example of the Puritans is the Old Ship Meeting House built in 1687, this house has pure architecture with simple gravestones consisting of sacred artwork to remind people of the dead. The six-board chest is one of the simplest of early American furniture. Meanwhile in Pennsylvania you have the Quakers or Amish who landed there in 1682 (Quakers). The Amish doesn’t accept any modern technology purposes such as computers, televisions, answering machines, etc. This group is pre-modern technology, however, their art is folk art copied from Germany. One main example of Amish art is the quilt. Where quilts are large and very simple in design, their topics from previous knowledge can support a world topic such as AIDS or be very creative from their part of the world.

In the 19th century, there were 100,000 shakers, now only eight remain at Sabbath Day Lake, located in Maine. Their art was integrated into Shakers religion. In fact the Shakers invented the Washing Machine so that they would have time to concrete on their religion. Compare with the Franciscans where their main focus was religious first and wealth second. Their art was slow, set figures or subjects in space, and used light and air-type colors such as dark colors for instance. An example of a subject would be a self-portrait(s) of King Carter who established the Christ Church in the 1870s.

The Puritans, Quakers/Amish and Franciscans show that from their paintings were very simple or was self-portrait(s) of church leaders, and other sacred subjects. These sacred groups want to come to America to start over where they were sacred prosecuted in the Old World, and these groups have been very successful from their art work to inventions of modern-day technologies products, ie: the washing machine, etc.