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September, 1999

  • Start designing homepage of Wetterberg Professional Web Site. By starting this homepage, meant starting the web project for my Web Design and Authoring class at Colorado Mountain College - Alpine Campus, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
  • Establish an account with GeoCities, an extension of Yahoo! so that when the homepage was completed to my satisifactions, then it can be publish quickly as possibile.
  • September 30, 1999: Homepage and resume sections of the Wetterberg Professional Web Site were about 40% completed.


<September> <October> <November>

October, 1999

  • Change webservers from GeoCities to Tripod. This change so that I can use any or all extensions from FrontPage.
  • Set up and completed web survey. This is like ranking my site and see what changes are needed to be made when the Wetterberg Professional Web Site is published on the web.
  • Mid-October, 1999: Decided to go all frames for the Wetterberg Professional Web Site. The frames version site will be look more crisp and easier to navigate to other sections of the web site. However, only the favorite web sites and site map will be no frames page(s). Because of change of pace and for the favorite web sites section so that when anyone clicks on those sites, they need to open as whole page only!
  • October 25, 1999: Pages completed and ready to be published are the homepage and resume section.


<September> <October> <November>

November, 1999

  • Almost ready to launch the homepage for the Wetterberg Professional Web Site. Downloading files to my Tripod account so that everything is ready for launch. Hoping for a November 4th launch at 1:00 p.m. Mountain Time (USA) / 8:00 p.m. London Time (UT). Launch could been much sooner. However, a bug was founded when launching from a network computer.
  • Delayed still from launching the Wetterberg Professional Web Site because of earler problem or something is wrong with Hopefully this web site is launched by Thanksgiving.
  • Meanwhile, made updates and changes to the pages by adding pictures as watermarks. Have to change text from regular black to white and bolding whenever it was required.


After launching the Wetterberg Professional Web Site
  • Test by using MSIE 5.0 and rulled it a success
  • Problems with hit counter, however, that was resolved by using eXTReMe tracking instead of Tripod Stats and the hit counter.
  • Made changes once to the Wetterberg Professional Web Page -- Homepage section
  • Submitted site to Yahoo!